Dil's Winter Vol​.​3 ( 2015​-​16 )

by Diligent Fingers

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The Dil's Winter series is back. Every 2 weeks Diligent Fingers will release a new track and then at the end, release a limited edition cd of all 10.


released December 1, 2015



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Diligent Fingers Manchester, UK

Hip Hop Emcee / Producer - DNB MC / Abnoxshuz Entertaintent, Spynal Records and Millennium Jazz Music

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Track Name: New Year
There's no such thing as a new start
Because that means you forget everything that you've been through
And each new year ain't a new start but yes I wish I could forget everything that I've been through/
But where's the lesson in that
Knowledge is power so I choose to gain from every attack
Seek out the message react/
Instead of being so flat
It's a long road ahead
I'm making sure I'm well packed
So my growth is unmatched/
I use to blame fate for everything
Lay wasted hate plagued complaisant with everything,
Dismayed and enraged and hating on everything
Imagine all the energy I wasted on everything /
The shit was beating me up
A young mind overcrowded with these notions of luck
Chip on my shoulder and a hand full of rocks ready to smash that glass ceiling when I reach high enough/
Wishing my life was different
Dreams of big cars a big house a big titted wife and higher cost of living
It never kept me driven
Always looking for the quickest way out instead of appreciating chances given/
Limited by the system
yeah it plays a massive role but it gets ten times worse if you live by those limits
See there's a massive difference
You need to read between the lines
Don't get lost in the hype and question every gimmick/
Your mistakes are what made you
Yeah everyone is wishing for take 2s
But this is real life you won't find no YouTube play through just make the best of where this broken road takes you/
And sometimes there's things you just can't handle
I don't know the words to make it easier
But really if you never hit rock bottom
Would you have learned the lesson any easier?/
Like finding out who's real and who's faking
Like realising who's giving and who's taking
You only realise what you had when it's gone
And if it hasn't fucking killed you then it's making you strong/
Believe me
Never blame yourself for taking a chance
Never beat yourself up because you followed your heart
At least you found out where the fuck you can stand and if you hit a brick wall fight and smash it apart/
There's always someone more worse off
But everyone's situation is relative
Sometimes there's too much obstacles to overcome
But try and reap the positive from negatives/
I'm just giving you mine
You have to work for what you want
and don't forget it takes time/
There's no quick fixes
Resets just trial and error
Forward ever back never
live it by the letter/
But who am I trying to convince
Me or you
I often question if I have the strength to see it through/
I'll be the first to say I need to take my own advice
Sometimes I need to write it down so I can see it too/
Unless you made mistakes you know you never needed to make
Embrace the knowledge these life lessons are leaving you/
You shouldn't need a new year to make a change
You only thing you need is to believe in you/