Busy Digits - The Production Album

by Diligent Fingers



All beats produced by Diligent Fingers.
Massive thanks to all Emcees that took part.



released November 30, 2010



all rights reserved


Diligent Fingers Manchester, UK

Hip Hop Emcee / Producer - DNB MC / Abnoxshuz Entertaintent, Spynal Records and Millennium Jazz Music

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Track Name: Magnus
I am Magnus hot coal and molten lava
you will never know the secrets I've frozen in time/
Shine a light when you see me creeping up to harbour
rocking waters got me feeling I'm chosen to shine/
From the depths I surface and keep it moving
the words burn 3rd degrees for jealous minds/
The worlds worst the flow is unstoppable
no boundaries known so forevers mine/

Yeah The feeling is scotch bonet I'm on it unfuckwidable the hot topic/
The chronic no dre but the beats a flatline toe tag bars got your breathing your last rhyme/
Still I'm smooth with it
Mike jack when i bite back
Snap ya spine back
Venus fly trap/
I stay cool with it
Ill dil never been trill
Got the iron will
And necessary skill/
From day that been the motto
A hard act to follow
A hard truth to swallow/
Got no loot to borrow but im richer in other ways
Gone are the days i use to sit and watch mother pray/
For blessings thru long days of stressing with cruel games of second guessing your true fate like its too late/
i scorch the surface fire flow still i maintain pace bring pain like i’m toothache/

you knew i was coming to take back whats mine
i’ve been brewing for a minute i don’t get no sleep/
cooking a look of fiery nature i’m back in time to make it rain on disbelievers like i’m dante’s peak/
Heed the warning i'm the wrath of the earth's core the blood of mother nature bleeding out on this landscape/
I'm heartbroken i cant decipher what hurts more the shift in our culture or what our Youngers will now face/
Its dark times but we soldier on i need a new pair of shoulders to carry these boulders on/
You can fight fire with water but still i smoulder on
Its over I'm overflowing over the walls you had your faith focused on/
Can tell i lack patience
trust me its never there
You watch the competition
truly I've never cared/
Document the furness thru a lens glare at destruction with a heavy heart but still it ends fair/

No Mercy
smoother the cursed with burns marked unworthy
The sudden shock will numb the pain/
Trust me a diamond couldnt even survive this roughness
And no amount of shelter could take the strain/
You cant slow me down devour all and breathe new life to those who kept it true within the underground/
I breach the melting point of materialism if you wanna build a new world the old one is taken out/
The great flood of fire no ark for men to hold
Women and children only no time to save your gold/
Nostradamus couldn't predict my arrival this lesson is vital every evil fucker on earth is liable/
So fire bun
Fuel for the frustration
The tectonic plates couldn't hold me with patience/
Major eruption on a beat its about that time for verbal genocide peak but I'm about that mind/

Set for peace over war
love over money
To teach not to scorn
And bring relief to the worry/
But this ain't global warming fuck your conspiracy theory
This is judgement for the crimes against humanity/
It has to be
replenish innocence we start a fresh
Make it known from new beginnings we are truly blessed/
This world feels no remorse for its pain
So when the sunsets remember my name/

I am Magnus hot coal and molten lava
you already know the reasons I've chosen to rise/
Shine a light when you see me creeping up to harbour
Constant slaughter daily seen has distorted your mind/
From the depths I surface and keep it moving
The truth hurts cursed to feel the angels cry /
The worlds worst the flow is unstoppable
But from the ashes we rise again with clearer eyes/